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Must Watch 2024 Wedding Trends

As we step into a new year, we can’t help but turn our attention to all the exciting stories of timeless romance that lay ahead of us. A year for storybook weddings, 2024 promises magical moments and matrimonial bliss, and we can’t wait to welcome loved-up duos for their special day.

If you are planning your dream wedding, here are some of the must watch 2024 wedding trends to help you. Promising the dreamiest ceremonies and celebrations, these tips and trends offer exciting twists on traditions and propose unforgettable experiences for all.

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6 Post-Lockdown Wedding Trends That Are Here To Stay

6 Post-Lockdown Wedding Trends That Are Here To Stay

Your wedding day is extremely personal to you, but – ahem – not immune to outside influence. And not just the aesthetic Pinterest mood board kind.  A study by wedding app Bridebook has found that Coronavirus has directly impacted 64% of 2020 marriages— affecting when, where, and how weddings take place. Living through a global pandemic has altered our perception in many areas...