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6 Reasons to Visit South Wales This Summer

Cymru is famed for its wild and rugged beauty. South Wales is home to thriving communities and world-renowned natural sights, yet the landscape seems to preserve its own remoteness. 


There is no shortage of life-affirming ‘the hills are alive’ space in South Wales. It used to be a joke (as well as an accurate statistic) that there are more sheep than people in Wales. Now, our population density is one of the reasons to visit South Wales this summer. Here are 6 more…

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9 Delicious Welsh Foods You Should Try

9 Delicious Welsh Foods You Should Try

Wales. The mysterious land west of England—of dragons, castles, lofty mountains, and tender lamb. People make a beeline for Wales for a myriad of reasons, and one of them is to eat. Why? Wales is all about homely comfort food and quality meat, dairy, and seafood. A verdant and ripe country perfect for passionate cooks—of which Wales has many....