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4 Sustainable Jubilee Garden Party Ideas

Since late 2021 the buzz around the four-day Platinum Jubilee weekend has had people up and down the country (and the World) making Jubilee plans. Now, with only a few weeks left before the big weekend, the realisation that you might actually need to start prepping for that street or garden party you organised back in December is probably kicking in.

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Shakespeare’s links with Wales

Shakespeare’s links with Wales

He may be the most famous English playwright, but Shakespeare has strong links with Wales, including claims that he actually lived for a period at the Great House in Laleston, near Bridgend....

Top 5 Most Romantic Things to Do in South Wales

Top 5 Most Romantic Things to Do in South Wales

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, no doubt romance is at the forefront of your mind. And, a break in South Wales is one of the most romantic holidays a couple can choose. There are several cultural sites to visit here, as well as breathtaking beaches and landscapes....